Marty Lythgoe’s Journal

By Marty Lythgoe LAADC-CA, NCAC II, SAP

The Disease of Addiction

The Disease of AddictionOne of the “great debates” in the addiction treatment field is whether addiction is truly a disease.  While the American Medical Association classified alcoholism as a disease way back in 1956, many are skeptical and continue to view addiction as a moral issue, a character issue, and even a cop out.  So let’s take a look at an accepted definition of “disease” and see if addiction fits. Disease:  A morbid process with characteristic identifying symptoms, regardless of...

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About My Logo

About My LogoThe two trees of my logo have meaning for me both in the natural and in the spiritual realms.  In the initial stages of trying to design a logo for my counseling practice, I had in mind symbols which might represent both recovery from addiction and also living victoriously in Christ. As I experimented with different symbols, I became clear that I also wanted to represent the city of Ventura, where I practice and where I was born and raised.  I considered the ocean, the islands and...

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