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Addiction is More Than a Brain Disease

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), in a far-reaching decision, labeled addiction as a “brain disease” several years ago.  Their statement, which carried significant clout, was the result of brain research and also opened the door for further research.  Looking for a pharmaceutical cure for addiction, millions of dollars have been poured into the…
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The Disease of Addiction

One of the “great debates” in the addiction treatment field is whether addiction is truly a disease.  While the American Medical Association classified alcoholism as a disease way back in 1956, many are skeptical and continue to view addiction as a moral issue, a character issue, and even a cop out.  So let’s take a…
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Common Behavioral Characteristics of Alcoholics and Addicts

Whether or not there is such a thing as the “Addictive Personality,” is subject to debate.  What cannot be overlooked, however, are the common behavior characteristics of those suffering from substance use disorder.  These common traits are the source of mutual identification in 12-Step meetings and also help to define the disease of addiction beyond…
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Reefer Madness

As a sports fan, the recent news that Randy Gregory, a potential top-10 pick in the upcoming NFL draft, had tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine got me to thinking about our country’s apparent rush to legalize marijuana.  Knowing that he was going to be drug-tested at an event with the potential to…
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