Legal Assessments

The use of alcohol or other drugs can sometimes result in legal problems that require an objective assessment



About Legal Assessments

Legal Assessments

Legal Assement Information

With over 35 years of experience in assessing substance misuse, you can be assured that both the assessment and the documentation will meet all requirements of the court or other referring agency.

Utilization of up-to-date and widely accepted diagnostic evaluation methods ensures the accuracy of the assessment.  In this way I am able to make appropriate recommendations and also avoid mislabeling of those who are not substance abusers.

I specialize in evaluating for substance misuse problems related to:


Divorce and child custody issues

Often in the break-up of marriages, there are allegations of substance misuse, especially when issues of child custody or visitation rights are involved.  The court or a mediator may require an outside assessment in order to best protect the children involved.

My job is not to make recommendations about child custody, but rather to assess for any substance abuse problems and make recommendations that might include counseling, treatment, or drug testing.

I have done these assessments at the request of the court, a mediator, a private attorney, and the County of Ventura Children & Family Services Agency.  I have appeared in Federal Court as an expert witness.


Out of state legal problems including DUI and possession/under the influence

Sometimes people experience substance-related legal problems while traveling or while on vacation.  Perhaps they have let their guard down and had a little too much to drink. 

Virtually every state requires an assessment by a professional whose credential is recognized in that state.  As a nationally and internationally certified alcohol and drug counselor, I meet that requirement.

I have done these assessments for over 20 different states and can help you satisfy the requirements of each state, securing your continued driving privilege and meeting terms of probation.

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