About Me

Marty Lythgoe Substance Abuse Counselor

My Story

My own personal recovery from drug addiction began in 1984 when I was introduced to the concept of addiction as a treatable disease and also to 12-Step programs as a viable path of continued recovery.  While personal recovery is not a requirement to being an effective counselor, shared experiences and feelings often help establish rapport and trust.

1984 also signaled a decision to give up my career in construction and return to school, eventually leading to my certification as a substance abuse counselor. I was eventually certified by CAADAC, now known as CCAPP, and also by NAADAC as a Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor.


My Qualificiations

Over the years I have been blessed to work alongside many great people at some excellent programs.  I have worked in hospital-based treatment at the New Beginnings Program at Ojai Valley Community Hospital and also at the Saint John’s Hospital Chemical Dependency Center in Santa Monica.

I have worked in a psychiatric hospital setting at Vista Del Mar Hospital in Ventura and in 1993 co-founded the Genesis Program in Ventura, an intensive outpatient program where I served as the Program Director for 25 years.

My desire to reduce administrative responsibilities and return to actual counseling led me to start a private counseling practice in 2007, initially at Coastline Christian Counseling and now at Avenue Counseling Center in Ventura.


In 2019 I was certified as a Biblical Counselor by the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).  For those who desire it, this has allowed me to add Biblical references and prayer to the evidence-based practices I already use. 

In 2020, I added Telehealth services to my practice, offering the convenience of online counseling.  This has served to expand my geographic limits far beyond Ventura County.  I use an encrypted platform to guarantee the confidentiality of my clients.

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